High-precision AI apps for data-heavy business processes.

Data-heavy Business Processes

Data-heavy business processes are difficult to automate due to their dependence on large volumes of unstructured data.

Requiring specialized knowledge workers to execute, these tend to be some of the most expensive processes at enterprises.

Automating data-heavy business processes using high-precision GenAI applications can result in significant cost savings and revenue increase for businesses.

High-precision GenAI Applications

Mapping out the enterprise data ontology is critical for creation and operation of high-precision generative AI applications.

Reasoning ability of large language models (LLM) can be used to automate the data-heavy business processes.

Human-in-the-loop (HITL) combined with a feedback mechanism enables continuous improvement of the AI applications and delivers strong return on investment.

Our AI is transforming critical business processes at leading enterprises.

We have a GenAI App Center that consists of the most critical enterprise business process use cases. Explore a use case in our app store or tell us more about yours.

Data Transformation

Data-heavy business processes require efficient storage and retrieval of data at high precision and with no latency. A standardized data format across your entire system enables data to be queried and analyzed more easily. This results in faster and more robust business decisions.

Our AI applications automatically label and transform data entries to enable storage in a more logical and efficient format.

Intelligent Data Extraction

Enterprises need to ensure that their data is compliant with all the security, privacy, and regulatory requirements. It also needs to be stored, transmitted, and accessed in a secure manner. This prevents loss, theft, misuse, or compromise of critical data and sensitive customer information.

Our AI applications ensure that all your data is labeled with the appropriate metadata, stored, accessed, and managed based on your company’s security policies and associated regulations.

Policy Enforcement

Ensuring that business processes comply with corporate policy and government regulation is critical for enterprises. Manual enforcement processes waste time and are prone to human error. They can lead to thousands of hours in wasted time and increase risk of audits and penalties.

Our AI applications ingest your existing policies and automate manual processes to ensure that corporate policies and government regulations are enforced consistently.

End-to-end GenAI applications can be deployed in just a few weeks.

Explore recent examples from our current customers.

Example: Dramatic improvement in processing speed and cost of Private Equity (PE) notices by eliminating manual processes.

Application areas: Wealth Management, Fund Management, Financial Services



A large wealth management company gets over 10,000 notices from private equity (PE) companies each year. These notices were being reviewed manually to extract key pieces of information to generate payment invoices.

The manual process was expensive, error prone, and slow resulting in delayed revenue realization and disputed invoices.


Using ZERO Document Extraction, the customer has been able to completely automate this process. As a result, processing speed has increased over 100x, invoices are generated in minutes, and there is a 90% reduction in labor costs.

It took ZERO Systems just a few weeks to scope the problem and deploy an AI application to start generating real business impact.

Example: Reinvention of the most labor-intensive processes in the insurance industry using automated data transformation and normalization.

Application areas: Insurance, Financial Services



At one of the largest insurance brokerage firms in the U.S., 15% of the workforce (over 10,000 workers) was responsible for manually executing various data transformation tasks. These critical tasks were an important component of the business operations.

The customer estimated the cost of these processes to be around $3 to 5 billion per year.


By using ZERO Data Transformation, the customer can now use AI to automate data labeling and transformation. This enables interoperability between disparate systems and more efficient storage of data.

Our AI application has also enabled the customer to standardize data formats across their entire system for more efficient business processes.

Example: Reduction in non-billable knowledge work and increase in worker productivity.

Application areas: Legal



A leading international law firm was performing critical tasks such as document / email filing, information retrieval, and report creation manually. This resulted in a significant amount of non-billable work and business impact due to inaccuracies.

The firm wanted to automate its critical business processes to save cost and achieve competitive differentiation.


Since deploying ZERO Filing Compliance, the customer has been able to save an average of 75 minutes per user per day and knowledge worker productivity has gone up 18.5%.

Our AI application ensures regulatory compliance and prevents exposure of sensitive data to external systems.

Example: Significant increase in new revenue streams through automation of manual time keeping processes.

Application areas: Accounting, Legal, Management Consulting



This customer was employing manual timekeeping processes that often resulted in inaccurate and late time submissions. It also required workers to spend time on nonvalue add activities.

Billable time was being underreported, resulting in significant loss of revenue.


With ZERO Timekeeping, the customer was able to correct these issues immediately upon deployment.

Over 3,500 additional billable hours were identified using the suggestive AI capabilities of our application.

We are a reliable provider of Generative AI to enterprises.

With 8,000 AI instances deployed, our customers include Fortune 500 corporations and industry leaders.

Our AI applications enable enterprises to achieve the last mile in AI quality.

Hercules, our proprietary operating and orchestration engine, 
leverages state-of-the-art architecture for creation of AI applications.

Human-in-the-Loop (HITL) Layer

Hercules provides customizable UI templates including a user-friendly chat context. It incorporates a reinforcement learning component that forms a data defensibility flywheel for continuous skills improvement and an increasingly superior user experience.

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