ZERO Recognized as a 2022

ZERO Recognized as a 2022 “Gartner Cool Vendor” in Data-Centric AI

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Work Smarter and Unlock the Next Level of Productivity.

Through cognitive automation and intelligent data classification, ZERO enables enterprises to leverage the power of their organizational data to achieve optimal business outcomes.

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Zero  Recognized as a 2022 Gartner© Cool Vendor in Data-Centric AI

We are ecstatic to have received this recognition. We are proud of our innovative approach to intelligent data classification through edge computing.

How ZERO Helps Organizations Succeed

ZERO uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to augment and automate high-value processes that require mimicking the human decision-making process to make knowledge workers more effective and productive. This includes functions that typically consume excessive time, such as timekeeping, document & email management, data extraction & transformation, and many others.

Cognitive Automation

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to unlock the true potential of your company’s data.

By combining proprietary, AI-powered technology with organizations’ vast volumes of structured and unstructured data, ZERO provides cognitive automation that drives organizational effectiveness and transforms how businesses operate. This is accomplished by applying machine learning to automate high-value processes where a human decision-maker is typically involved. Cognitive automation can provide more accurate outcomes, reduce risk, and minimize human involvement when applied to business processes.

Unlike suboptimal legacy approaches to automation that lack contextual analysis and work within a defined rule set (such as robotic process automation), cognitive automation can automate high-value, complex business processes that deal with both structured and unstructured data.

With demands rising, competition increasing, and your data swamp ever-growing, it is a strategic imperative to have cognitive automation as part of your business transformation strategy to future-proof your organization – ZERO can help.

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Intelligent Data Classification

Being part of Intelligent Data Processing, Intelligent Classification of Data brings new capabilities into a well-established industry.

Corporate data is one of the greatest un-leveraged assets that companies have today. Because the bulk of this data remains unstructured and businesses lack the appropriate technology and tools to leverage it, organizations fail to extract its immense value. With ZERO’s technology in place, this data can be used to automate high-value processes, generate key business insights, create organizational efficiencies, and even drive revenue.

Whereas structured data is stored in a pre-defined format and is generally accessible, unstructured data can come from many different and varied sources in diverse types. Structured data is well organized and, as such, can be easy to work with. However, the primary issue for organizations is that the vast majority of their corporate data is, in fact, unstructured. This is where ZERO’s intelligent data processing and classification (IDP) is applied and unlocks the power of this untapped and valuable asset.

ZERO’s intelligent data processing converts your unstructured data into structured data. This allows you to leverage it for cognitive process automation, which can help you optimize business outcomes and organizational efficiencies.

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Efficiency and Operational Transformation

Solutions that drive business productivity and organizational success.

ZERO provides solutions that augment the human decision-making process, making your workforce more efficient, accurate with their process outcomes, and productive. Through contextual analysis and machine learning, high-value but time-consuming tasks can be automated, thus reducing the burden of completing these tasks manually.

Optimizing these day-to-day activities not only reduces the administrative drag associated with these manual tasks but also increases accuracy, shortens cycle times of business processes, and can result in significant cost reduction to the overall organization.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, natural language processing, and contextual analysis, ZERO’s innovative solutions actually “learn” every time they complete a process. This is further bolstered by the amount of data consumed (both structured and unstructured data). In short, this cycle of data consumption, process completion, and machine learning makes the automation of essential business processes even more accurate as it goes – further driving efficiencies within the organization.

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