ZERO Recognized as a 2022

ZERO Recognized as a 2022 “Gartner Cool Vendor” in Data-Centric AI

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The Future of Enterprise is an AI co-pilot for every knowledge worker

ZERO provides solutions to augment cognitive processes using Skilled AI Modules (SAMs) to work alongside human workers, offering automation, insights, and proactive assistance using Large Language Models and Generative AI.

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Zero  Recognized as a 2022 Gartner© Cool Vendor in Data-Centric AI

We are ecstatic to have received this recognition. We are proud of our innovative approach to intelligent data classification through edge computing.

How ZERO Helps Organizations Succeed

We believe that AI solutions should empower knowledge workers to be in control, with AI serving as collaborative partner. Our approach leverages Skilled AI Modules (SAMs) to augment human cognitive processes, offering automation, proactive assistance, and insights with humans in the loop therefore users maintain control. Our AI engine Hercules leverages Large Language Models and Generative AI enables our Enterprise clients to use existing LLMs to augment their processes as well as create their own AI modules to drive their firms into a Future of Productivity where every knowledge worker has an AI-Powered co-pilot.

AI-Powered Enterprise

How Skilled AI Modules can help Enterprises to unlock the next level of productivity and efficiency.

In today’s highly competitive landscape, it is critical for enterprises, especially those in regulated industries such as legal, accounting, finance, and consulting, to adopt AI technologies. AI can help to automate high-value, complex business processes, improving accuracy, reducing risk, and minimizing human involvement, ultimately leading to increased efficiency and profitability on top of better compliance.

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Power of Large Language Models with no risk

A chasm to cross when adopting modern AI technologies.

ZERO’s AI engine Hercules has been designed to address the issues that regulated enterprises face when dealing with AI technologies. Through the systematic data labeling, data enrichment, depersonalization and multi-model approach, Hercules allows maximum efficiency and accuracy for the Skilled AI Modules to provide insights, assistance, and automation. Moreover, the systematic data labeling and data enrichment enable models to learn and develop more sophisticated skills, ultimately improving performance and accuracy over time.

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Unlocking Productivity and Revenue Growth

Productivity and efficiency maximization with a diverse set of Skilled AI Modules.

ZERO’s AI-powered solutions like SAMs, powered by Hercules can automate high-value and time-consuming tasks, reducing the burden of manual labor and increasing accuracy, productivity, and cost-efficiency. Learn how SAM Artemis is driving efficiency and contributing to overall company success and revenue growth.

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