Business of Law Innovation – the Garage2Global Podcast

Garage2Global Business of Law Innovation: Alex Babin, CEO and co-founder of ZERO, a firm devoted to providing AI-powered productivity automation for innovative professional services firms, speaks with Richard Levick and Ian Lipner and Louis Lehot of Foley about their software designed to increase efficiency for professionals when using mobile devices and what’s next in AI

Time to Replace RPA Solutions with Cognitive Productivity Automation!

Cognitive Productivity Automation or CPA solutions focus on increasing user output while working with existing processes and software. For professional services providers relying on well-paid knowledge workers who have problem-solving and critical-thinking skills and can function independently, higher productivity leads directly to increased profitability. That’s why these organizations are always looking for effective productivity solutions

ZERO: Edge-based Productivity Automation for Knowledge Workers – an Intellyx Brief

When it comes to both automation and, more recently, artificial intelligence (AI), much of the emphasis has been placed on things like physical actions (e.g., factory robots) and insights (e.g., “you might also like…”). However, what has been left almost entirely off the table is how both automation and AI can transform the way knowledge