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Zero time wasted

We imagine a world where people are creative and live better lives by wasting zero time. We zero in on the smartest solutions possible to give knowledge workers back time and drive productivity.

Why we exist

Since our founding in 2015, we’ve evolved from transforming mobile email management to leading at the cutting-edge of cognitive productivity automation. Solving the most critical bottlenecks and process challenges has always been core to our foundation as a company—and it remains at the heart of everything we do.

Waste zero time, maximize productivity, and create new revenue opportunities – all while meeting the future of knowledge work head-on.

Regardless of the application of our technology, we will always be intensely focused on elevating knowledge workers’ quality of life with more efficient, frictionless workdays. And though we’re focused on document filing, time capture, and security automation today, we believe the automation potential of our low-touch, high-impact intelligence layer is infinite.

As we continue to evolve our automation intelligence to solve customers’ most pressing needs, our focus as a company is steadfast.

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Meet our team

The ZERO team brings over one million hours of combined experience developing high-performing mobile and desktop applications. We have a unique and diverse set of skills in app development, security, machine learning, and natural language processing for professional services.

Meet the team
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ZERO is a fast-growing, global automation company. We create smart solutions that enable professionals to spend more time on higher-value work and improve work-life balance.

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