Our leadership team

ZERO’s team consists of more than 40 professionals with a combined experience of more than one million hours of designing and developing effective and high-performing applications. ZERO’s team has a unique combination of expertise in mobile and desktop applications development, security, and machine learning and natural language processing for the legal industry.

  • Profile picture of Alex Babin

    Alex Babin

    Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

  • Profile picture of Gevorg Karapetyan

    Gevorg Karapetyan

    Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

  • Profile picture of Eelco van Maaren

    Eelco van Maaren

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Profile picture of Trevor Bell

    Trevor Bell

    Chief Customer Officer

  • Profile picture of Kevin Podd

    Kevin Podd

    Head of Sales

  • Profile picture of Victoria Vendolin

    Victoria Vendolin

    Head of Human Resources + Operations

  • Profile picture of Joey Perez

    Joey Perez

    Vice President, Business Development + Partnerships

  • Profile picture of Kimone Gooden

    Kimone Gooden

    Vice President, Operations

  • Profile picture of Ilya Dreytser

    Ilya Dreytser

    Vice President, Client Engineering

  • Profile picture of Mari Mikayelyan

    Mari Mikayelyan

    Director of Product

Zero team members are brainstorming in the meeting.

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ZERO is a technology company that offers the only mobile-first AI-powered solutions engineered to help law firms achieve operational excellence. ZERO is relied upon around the world to minimize revenue leakage, increase email compliance, increase productivity, and improve the lives of lawyers.

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