American LegalNet and ZERØ Partner to Bring AI-Powered Automation to the Law Firm Docketing Process

American LegalNet (ALN), the leading provider of innovative litigation workflow management technologies and trusted partner to over half of the AmLaw 100, and ZERØ, provider of the legal industry’s most innovative artificial intelligence email management technology, today launched a new integrated solution that automates the filing of litigation-related emails and documents and intelligently directs them into a law firm’s DMS.

The partnership enables ALN and ZERØ to integrate their products, combining ZERØ’s artificial intelligence capabilities with ALN’s premier calendaring and docketing platform eDockets and its AutoDocket ProTM feature. This integration will reduce the risks associated with the traditionally time-consuming task of manually sorting and filing large volumes of information. The integration will be showcased in ALN’s Booth #209 at ILTACON.

“Docket management is one of the more important, but often overlooked, aspects of both the practice and business of law frequently left to overworked docket managers or paralegals in the back office,” said ALN President and CEO Erez Bustan. “Mismanaging docketing causes harm to cases and clients on a regular basis, opening firms to immense financial and reputational risk. Our vision is to provide an intelligent end-to-end single litigation workflow platform designed to reduce risk, promote efficiency and provide more security. That’s why we’re automating processes with advanced technologies like ZERØ’s. We believe our clients will experience all of these benefits through this new integration.”

Built on the latest technology, ALN’s eDockets platform centralizes the docketing process, providing the latest updated court rules and filing requirements to simplify filing and management processes. ZERØ applies intelligent automation, on either mobile or desktop devices, to predict filing destinations for emails to ensure that they land into the correct client/matter folder in the DMS. ALN and ZERØ’s partnership creates the first AI-driven solution that will allow law firms to further reduce non-billable, labor-intensive end-to-end workflows by managing manual administrative tasks with AI. In addition, law firms and other end users will experience improved records operation and management in their ability to find the most current version of pleadings in their DMS on demand.

“ZERØ’s AI technology was built for precisely this purpose—to analyze large volumes of information sent through email so that critical data can be processed faster and more accurately than ever before,” said ZERØ CEO Alex Babin. “Our partnership with ALN applies that same intelligence to seamlessly organize court documents and connect them with the firm’s existing DMS, ultimately enhancing how docketed and related court documents are managed.”

Some key benefits of the integration include:

  • Risk Reduction. ALN’s eDockets and ZERØ’s integrated product automation helps reduce liability by mitigating the risk of errors from manual tasks of sorting and filing and replacing it with a reliable and consistent filing system.
  • Additional Attorney Billable Time. ALN’s eDockets and ZERØ’s integrated product and the enhanced AutoDocket Pro capabilities will save firms both time and money by downloading documents from court websites automatically, using existing free access policies to avoid downloading charges. In addition, attorneys will see their billable time increase as a result of the automated document sorting capability, which eliminates the time-consuming practice of manual entry filing.
  • Security and Efficiency. ZERØ’s secure architecture is the most advanced in the industry, operating inside a device and remaining completely within a firm’s security perimeter with no third-party cloud processing. This solves the problem of document accessibility, which was a significant challenge for law firms. For the first time, instead of an attachment, a link to the document can be sent through email and made accessible outside the firm’s security perimeter.

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  • Chris Ford is ZERO's Chief Marketing Officer. With years of marketing leadership experience in the legal industry around the world, he leads all marketing efforts for ZERO.