AmLaw 200 Firm Benesch Selects ZERØ’s Intuitive Email Management Solution

ZERØ, provider of the legal industry’s most innovative email management technology, announced that the AmLaw 200 firm Benesch has selected ZERØ as its firm-wide email management solution. Benesch was searching for a more seamless user email experience on mobile and less friction integrating other supportive value targets, such as local timers, time entry markers, and access to files.

ZERØ applies artificial intelligence to email management, automatically analyzing, prioritizing, and filing large quantities of email, so lawyers can work more efficiently and productively. On mobile, users can also capture the time spent interacting with each client-related email, and ZERØ will produce a detailed draft time entry narrative that appears directly in the user interface of time entry applications. Because ZERØ runs directly on the user’s device and never sends data for processing outside the device, it keeps sensitive information private and secure.

“With ZERØ, our lawyers no longer have to constantly sort through their inbox, determine which emails require their immediate attention, and then file each email accurately. They will now be able to seamlessly manage their inboxes across desktop and mobile and ensure that their emails are filed into iManage,” said Jerry Justice, Benesch’s Chief Information Officer, “In addition, ZERØ will enable the firm to generate more revenue with its time capture capabilities, which provide lawyers with a simple way to capture time that otherwise would have been lost.”

ZERØ’s simple user interface was also a significant factor in Benesch’s decision to select the email management software. “Because ZERØ looks and feels like Apple Mail, our users will be able to engage with the application and begin deriving value almost immediately,” Justice remarked. “Benesch continues to seek out products like this that are intuitive by design and also add efficiency to client delivery so our attorneys can focus on more substantive work.”

“We’re thrilled and feel privileged to welcome Benesch to our growing list of clients,” said Ryan Steadman, ZERØ’s Chief Revenue Officer. “We look forward to supporting Jerry and his team’s commitment to providing effective and user-friendly technology to the firm’s lawyers to remove some of the operational friction involved with the daily grind of email and matter management, and to help re-capture billable time.”


  • Chris Ford is ZERO's Chief Marketing Officer. With years of marketing leadership experience in the legal industry around the world, he leads all marketing efforts for ZERO.