Clark Wilson Selects ZERØ for AI-Powered Email Management

ZERØ, provider of the legal industry’s most innovative artificial intelligence email management technology, has announced that Clark Wilson, a Vancouver-based law firm with over 85 attorneys, has selected it to transform its email management workflows on mobile and desktop.

Email management is one of the most significant operational challenges facing lawyers today. ZERØ for Mobile and Desktop Companion predictively and automatically file emails into iManage and NetDocuments, capture time spent emailing from mobile devices and generate draft time entry narratives, detect potential wrong recipients on emails in real-time, and offer additional productivity features designed to help lawyers identify the information that matters most to them in their inboxes.

“Email filing has been a significant productivity drain on our lawyers,” remarked Don Kerr, Director of Information Technology at Clark Wilson. ZERØ’s ability to predictively file emails into iManage on mobile and desktop was a key differentiator. “Until now, we had not been able to find a technology solution that could streamline the process of filing emails into iManage on both desktop and mobile. ZERØ’s automatic and predictive email filing capabilities are extremely accurate — and completely unique. Implementing ZERØ will allow our lawyers to gain time back in their days to focus on client-related work.”

ZERØ’s mobile time capture capabilities were also compelling for Clark Wilson. “Our lawyers are constantly traveling and do a significant amount of work from their mobile devices,” Kerr said. “Not being able to capture that time has resulted in significant revenue leakage for the firm. With ZERØ, we will not only be able to ensure that those billable hours are recorded, but our lawyers will also no longer need to spend their valuable time and energy on manually remembering and recording the time they spend on client-related work from their mobile devices.”

Ryan Steadman, Chief Revenue Officer at ZERØ, commented: “We are delighted to work with Clark Wilson, a firm that has a track record of excellent results and service for its clients. Our products will supply the firm with a substantial competitive edge at a time when the legal industry is more competitive than ever by giving their lawyers billable hours back in their day.”

This story was originally covered in Legal IT Insider.


  • Chris Ford is ZERO's Chief Marketing Officer. With years of marketing leadership experience in the legal industry around the world, he leads all marketing efforts for ZERO.