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We work with forward-thinking clients to help automate, organize, and advance their timekeeping and data management tools. Our clients trust ZERO’s automation solutions to get their work done efficiently and accurately.

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ZERO’s fully integrated email management across mobile and desktop provides our lawyers with standardized e-mail features whether they are working remotely or in the office, using a laptop or a mobile device, and without any security compromises or additional infrastructure changes.

Maks Agamir

Chief Information Officer, Ropers
Majeski Kohn & Bentley

At Winthrop, we pride ourselves on disrupting convention and a culture of fresh thinking. We were impressed by ZERO’s innovative features, especially the ability to predictively file emails with a single click into iManage. The user-friendly interface and ease of adoption are attractive as well.

Craig Wilson

IT Director, Winthrop Weinstine

ZERO is the only software on the market that can hyper-accurately file emails into Client/Matter DMS workspaces and folders and automatically capture time interacting with client email on mobile devices. With ZERO, our lawyers can keep their focus on what they do best—practice law.

Matt McKinley

Chief Information Officer, Holland & Knight LLP

ZERO seamlessly integrates with iTimekeep, without any extra effort required on the lawyers’ part. This reduced timekeeping friction means that previously uncaptured time is much more likely to be billed.

Ed Aguero

Chief Financial Officer, Cole, Scott & Kissane

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