Cole, Scott & Kissane Selects ZERØ for Mobile to Streamline Workflows and Improve Time Entry Velocity

ZERØ is pleased to announce that Cole, Scott & Kissane has selected ZERØ for Mobile to streamline administrative workflows for its lawyers, thereby improving productivity and increasing profitability.

ZERØ helps lawyers save time and generate more revenue with its AI-powered mobile email client and desktop companion. ZERØ’s capabilities include automatically analyzing, prioritizing, and filing large quantities of email, so lawyers can work more efficiently and productively. On mobile, ZERØ passively captures the time users spend interacting with their client-related emails and produce a detailed draft time entry narrative that appears directly in the user interface of time entry applications.
“Throughout the evaluation process, we were really impressed by ZERØ’s capabilities and its user-friendly interface,” said Jason Thomas, Cole, Scott & Kissane’s Chief Information Officer. “The ability to predictively file emails into iManage with a single click or tap of a button will help our attorneys save hours per week.”

“Cole, Scott & Kissane has been looking for solutions to improve time entry velocity for several years,” Ed Aguero, the firm’s Chief Financial Officer, added. “ZERØ allows our lawyers to automatically, passively, and contemporaneously capture their time spent interacting with client-related emails on mobile devices, which then seamlessly integrates with iTimekeep for validation by the lawyer, without any extra effort required on their part. This reduced timekeeping friction means that this previously uncaptured time is much more likely to be billed for, and the firm likely to see increased revenue as a result.”

“We look forward to supporting Cole, Scott & Kissane’s commitment to streamlining its timekeeping and email management workflows,” said Ryan Steadman, ZERØ’s Chief Revenue Officer. “We’re proud to enable firms like Cole, Scott & Kissane to bring solutions to their lawyers that help remove administrative burdens and allow them to focus on practicing law.”


  • Chris Ford is ZERO's Chief Marketing Officer. With years of marketing leadership experience in the legal industry around the world, he leads all marketing efforts for ZERO.