How ZERO’s Athena AI solution automated the filing of 13,000 emails

​ZERO had a chance to sit down with Michael Rosenberg and Peter Weinstein, Partners at Cole, Scott & Kissane, and talk about how they use ZERO Athena in their daily workflows. Michael especially uses the intelligent Move-to-Folder predictions to quickly organize his emails into his 600 folders, while Peter used ZERO to organize his inbox down from 13,000 emails to just 10, within one week. You can hear more about their experience with ZERO Athena in the video below.

Benefits of ZERO’s productivity automation solutions

The primary function of productivity automation is to increase efficiency while reducing the manual workload. But that isn’t the only benefit. When a firm brings in a productivity automation solution, it can expect to see improvements across a range of areas:

  • Improved compliance. Manual entry is prone to omissions and errors — especially when the worker doing the entry is tired or overworked. AI ensures that everything is filed efficiently, correctly, and consistently.
  • Lower costs. Instead of bringing in additional headcount or paying for overtime, administrative processes run passively in the background.
  • Easy deployment. Because productivity automation operates as an intelligent layer on top of your existing software for ERP, DMS, CRM, email, and more, you don’t need a lot of additional user training, new tools, or disruptive rip-and-replace installation.

About ZERO

ZERO uses technology to help you solve the productivity crisis. Our solutions for intelligent email and document management and time capture automation recover hours of billable time every week, boosting firm revenue and reducing worker burnout. Because it’s built on an intelligence platform ZERO can identify, codify, and replicate best practices throughout your organization. ​This is the leap that transforms the productivity of your entire organization.