ZERO for accounting

Enjoy high confidence & higher returns with intelligent time tracking

Timely and accurate time tracking can be a struggle — especially when you have to juggle client satisfaction, regulatory oversight, and heavy workloads. ZERO’s productivity automation tools automate time capture, so accountants can focus on what they do best. And because ZERO layers seamlessly onto your existing time tracking systems, there’s no need to change your existing tech stack or workflow.

Recover more (& more) revenue

Intelligent, automated time tracking is both easier and more precise than traditional reporting tools. As a result, you create more accurate, granular records that capture every billable minute, and you aren’t spending any extra time doing it.

Manage risk & build trust

Remote and hybrid office environments are here to stay. But ZERO layers onto your existing time tracking systems to track billable time no matter where (or when) your team is working.

Find the right fit for your business

Our products can be implemented as a standalone solution or bundled for a global automation solution. Pick the package that’s right for you.

ZERO Athena

  • Hyper-accurate predictive filing that identifies client, matter, author, and document types for every email
  • On-the-go filing from both desktop and mobile
  • Flagging and prioritizing critical data
  • Wrong-recipient detection and data loss prevention
  • Device-specific security perimeters, so no data is stored or processed in the cloud
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ZERO Apollo

  • Accurate, detailed records for more accurate budgeting and smoother billing
  • Automated time capture for billable micro-engagements
  • Real-time activity tracking and categorization via predictive AI
  • On-the-go mobile time capture
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