ZERO for consulting firms

Take the effort out of excellence with productivity automation

The average knowledge worker spends up to 40% of their time on administrative, non-billable tasks. That’s time that could be invested into your business. ZERO offers intelligent automation for time capture and data management, layered seamlessly onto your existing systems. Let our productivity automation reduce the load of low-value tasks and put the focus where it belongs.

Simplified billing & budgeting

Get more granular billing and more accurate budget forecasting with ZERO. Our intelligent time tracking more precisely captures billable time automatically, so you and your teams can focus on providing superior services and building client relationships.

Access for the modern workplace

With ever-improving access and the new normal of remote and hybrid work, the office is anywhere you happen to be. ZERO adds an intelligent layer onto your existing systems so it’s easy to capture billable time anywhere, from any device.

Discover the benefits of on-the-go time tracking

ZERO automated time capture adds an intelligent layer over your existing time tracking systems to give you additional powerful features:

ZERO Apollo

  • Passive timekeeping
  • Customizable billing narratives
  • Seamless integration with existing time tracking tools
  • Deployment fully within your security perimeter
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