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Improve lawyer effectiveness & satisfaction with automation

The average knowledge worker spends up to 40% of their time on administrative, non-billable tasks. For attorneys who juggle heavy caseloads and multiple clients, that often means carving out time from their personal lives to catch up on the backlog. ZERO’s productivity automation solutions take the lift off the lawyer, improving accuracy and bringing in more revenue for the firm.

Drive revenue

Even minor errors in filing and time tracking can add up, exposing the firm to costly delays and lost revenue. ZERO’s superior AI recovers found revenue by capturing more billable moments and saving time and efforts spent on nonbillable filing and timekeeping.

Reduce risk

Law firms that don’t keep up with their document and email filing leave themselves open to potentially damaging compliance and discovery challenges. ZERO automatically identifies and files documents and emails to ensure that all your data is exactly where it should be.

Support & retain top talent

When a lawyer leaves a firm, that represents lost knowledge, lost time, and potentially lost email or records. ZERO simplifies routine administrative tasks, giving lawyers more time for meaningful work. With an improved work/life balance, lawyers are less stressed and stay with the firm longer.

Find the right fit for your business

Our products can be implemented as a standalone solution or bundled for a global automation solution. Pick the package that’s right for you.

ZERO Athena

  • Hyper-accurate predictive filing that identifies client, matter, author, and document types for every email
  • On-the-go filing from both desktop and mobile
  • Flagging and prioritizing critical data
  • Wrong-recipient detection and data loss prevention
  • Device-specific security perimeters, so no data is stored or processed in the cloud
  • Interface-less integrations with common email and DMS applications
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ZERO Apollo

  • Accurate, detailed records to help manage outside counsel guidelines (OCG)
  • Automated timekeeping for billable micro-engagements
  • Real-time activity tracking and categorization via predictive AI
  • On-the-go mobile time capture
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