Customer and Partner Videos

Interview with Josiah Chaves of Aderant and Joey Perez of ZERO

In this on-demand video, Joey Perez of ZERO and Josiah Chaves of Aderant sit down to discuss the ZERO/Aderant Partnership and the benefits of this partnership to iTimeKeep customers.

In this on-demand video, topics discussed include:

  • How the ZERO and Aderant Partnership came to be
  • How ZERO Apollo and Aderant iTimekeep work together to create a “one-touch” time capture solution
  • What a “day in the life” of someone using ZERO Apollo and Aderant iTimekeep looks like

About ZERO

ZERO uses technology to help you solve the productivity crisis. Our solutions for intelligent email and document management and time capture automation recover hours of billable time every week, boosting firm revenue and reducing worker burnout. Because it’s built on an intelligence platform ZERO can identify, codify, and replicate best practices throughout your organization. ​This is the leap that transforms the productivity of your entire organization.