Legal IT Deals: Double win for ZERØ

In a double win for ZERØ, Florida’s largest law firm Cole, Scott & Kissane has signed up for its email management and time capture tool as has Montreal law firm Spiegel Sohmer.

Based in Quebec, Spiegel Sohmer has around 55 lawyers and is best known for tax and corporate litigation. IT and innovation partner Neil Oberman, who is a litigation lawyer, told us: “Initially this wasn’t about time capture but filing emails to the document management system. People work from portable computers and their phones all the time and then have to spend time filing emails when they get back to the office. We limit the email space they have and so when ZERØ said it has an offsite mobile filing application I thought ‘Fantastic, am I missing something?’ But I’m not. The product can also capture time which is doubly attractive.”

The rollout is paused for the time being and Oberman said: “I’d rather not take the risk of implementing new back end tech until more normal working practice resumes.” Although it’s interesting to note that in Quebec lawyers are regarded as “priority services” – known as key workers in the UK – and can continue to work in the office if they have to.

Cole, Scott Kissane, meanwhile, started looking at ZERØ two ILTAs ago when the firm was on an old DMS. Chief information officer Jason Thomas got into a more serious conversation with the company last year but says he had to get iManage Cloud up and running, which should have happened by now but thanks to the coronavirus has been delayed to late fall.

ZERØ integrates both with iManage and Cole Scott Kissane’s timekeeping system, Aderant iTimeKeep.

For Thomas it was also ZERØ’s automated email mobile filing capability that is particularly attractive. He told Legal IT Insider: “The one big inefficiency that I see is that right now, when our lawyers are out, they will forward emails to their assistant and say ‘file this’. We want to make sure that sent emails are also on file, so they have to go to those, and forward and say ‘file’. Now it will prompt them automatically to file emails.”

This coverage originally appeared in Legal IT Insider.


  • Chris Ford is ZERO's Chief Marketing Officer. With years of marketing leadership experience in the legal industry around the world, he leads all marketing efforts for ZERO.