Meet Zero: Mobile Email (Specifically) For Attorneys

Law is a highly specialized profession. Yet, when it comes to email, attorneys still typically use the same one-size-fits-all email clients everyone else does — especially on mobile devices. Until now. Meet Zero, a mobile email client designed specifically for attorneys.

The typical lawyer receives hundreds of emails every day, and even a small-to-midsized firm processes millions of them every year. Work product, client communications, dinner reservations — virtually everything a lawyer does passes through email.

However — and it’s a huge “however” — email hasn’t really evolved much since it was invented. Inboxes are still impenetrable thickets. Security isn’t great. Artificial intelligence, which revolutionized other areas of law, hasn’t made a dent in email. And all of this is much worse on mobile devices, which are increasingly where email lives. But Zero has changed all that.

Zero is a full-featured email client that’s easy to use, stable, and very familiar. However, under its digital hood, Zero has some impressive capabilities, engineered specifically to address the needs of the working lawyer. Zero:

  • Automates time capture on mobile devices, creates a narrative, and builds a complete billing statement;
  • Analyzes and classifies your inbox by a number of unique, meaningful characteristics, such as urgency, requirement for a reply, or matter; and
  • Integrates seamlessly with both the iManage and NetDocuments DMS, featuring automated predictive filing. End-of-the-day-email filing becomes a 60-second, pushbutton task.

Zero is also extremely secure, because the AI is located on the device itself, not the cloud.

Mobile Email Tracking and Billing

In the real, messy world of practicing law, almost all billing for work done on mobile devices is either ex post facto guesswork, or simply written off. Zero uses AI to bring precision to the process. Time — and revenue — that was lost is now found,. Zero helps attorneys capture the full value of their mobile work.

Email Filing and DMS Integration

Mobile email historically doesn’t play nicely with document management systems. Filing is tedious and time-consuming. Accessing documents is nearly impossible. Not with Zero. Zero integrates directly with the top document management systems including NetDocuments and iManage, meaning you can open links directly from the system and access documents wherever you are. As for email foldering, Zero offers AI-powered predictive filing, which suggests the proper folders for emails based on their content.

And, because it makes your DMS easier to use, you’ll use it more, which helps with security and organization, along with saving time. Zero increases DMS adoption.

Email Analysis

Helping manage your inbox is where Zero is the busy attorney’s best friend. Zero analyzes your emails and sorts them with the most relevant and important first, so you don’t have to waste time weeding out the unimportant stuff. Or, it can let you know which emails specifically require a response. With a single tap, your inbox is rearranged for you, putting your most crucial messages first.

A Smarter Email Experience

Zero is smart from the beginning and becomes more and more effective the longer you use it. It also incorporates behavioral analysis — factors like how quickly you typically reply to a given sender, how long your replies are, and who else is included on the emails, among other things.

Zero can also help warn you if you’re about to send an email to someone you shouldn’t — helping you avoid a catastrophic mistake. Zero works with you, and for you, and makes your mobile email more effective, more organized and more efficient — automatically.

Making Change Easy

Lots of paradigm-changing legaltech never really gets traction because it’s too hard to learn. Adoption becomes a roadblock. Zero is genuinely different, because it looks, feels and works exactly like the email system you already use, and it’s been engineered to require almost nothing of your firm’s IT staff. It’s very user-friendly.

In other words, while it’s profoundly disruptive, it also doesn’t disrupt anything.

However you describe it, Zero introduces some serious intelligence and horsepower into one of the most unsexy, vital aspects of the practice of law: mobile email. It makes a noticeable difference. And the effort required? I just can’t help myself:

Zero. Sorry.

Originally published in Above the Law. Read the original article here.


  • Chris Ford is ZERO's Chief Marketing Officer. With years of marketing leadership experience in the legal industry around the world, he leads all marketing efforts for ZERO.