Munsch Hardt Selects ZERØ’s AI-Powered Email Management Solution on Desktop and Mobile

ZERØ, provider of the legal industry’s most innovative artificial intelligence email management technology, announced that commercial law firm Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, P.C. (Munsch Hardt) has selected to pilot ZERØ as its preferred firm-wide email management solution. After an extensive review of alternative providers, ZERØ was chosen for this pilot program based on its superior user experience, seamless integration with NetDocuments, and productivity features that have proven to help attorneys drastically reduce administrative drag while capturing more billable interactions with clients.

Law firms have long endured operational challenges with manual email management, manual time capture, and wrong recipient detection, mostly because they are still using outdated technology. ZERØ is changing this dynamic by applying artificial intelligence to process large volumes of email faster and more accurately than any other email client. ZERØ also seamlessly captures time spent on email interactions with clients on mobile devices and creates a detailed draft time entry narrative, which lawyers can upload directly to their billing systems.

“For quite some time the legal industry has needed a more efficient and reliable solution for email management. After conducting extensive due diligence and initiating conversations with several service providers, Munsch Hardt felt confident ZERØ showed the strongest potential to offer a fully integrated and user-friendly platform that will ultimately streamline administrative responsibilities for our attorneys,” stated Mike Furr, Munsch Hardt’s Director of Information Technology. “Throughout this pilot program, we have been impressed by ZERØ’s team and the product they have worked so hard to develop. We are looking forward to formally rolling out this technology to our attorneys in the near future.”

“Consider the cognitive effort it takes to manage email on a daily basis. Lawyers must first review the content, then prioritize responses, move emails into folders, and then revisit it – and find the time somewhere to reconstruct hygienic time cards. The cumulative effect of these micro-decisions and manual tasks, daily, results in a substantial erosion of productivity, realization rates, and a meaningful loss of billable time,” said Ryan Steadman, ZERØ’s Chief Revenue Officer. “With ZERØ’s predictive AI-powered email management solution, the administrative activities that typically cause productivity leakage are seamlessly automated. What used to take hours now takes minutes or even seconds.”

ZERØ provides a secure and standardized mobile email client across all iOS devices, and a Desktop Companion for Outlook. ZERØ for Mobile fully integrates with time management applications and document management systems, including NetDocuments and iManage. ZERØ’s productivity tools have been designed specifically to address the needs of attorneys by giving them the ability to sort emails by importance, urgency, relevance, sender, and even client or matter. A typical attorney using ZERØ recovers up to an hour of potentially billable time each day.

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  • Chris Ford is ZERO's Chief Marketing Officer. With years of marketing leadership experience in the legal industry around the world, he leads all marketing efforts for ZERO.