Enterprise-grade Generative AI

We assist enterprises in discovering, building, and running AI solutions that fix the most complex business workflows, all from within their security perimeter.


Complex Business

Complex business workflows are difficult to automate due to their dependence on large volumes of unstructured data.

Requiring specialized knowledge workers to execute, these tend to be some of the most expensive processes at enterprises.

Automating complex business workflows using context-aware AI applications that mimic human behavior can result in significant cost savings and revenue increase for businesses.

AI Applications that
Mimic Human Behavior

Mapping out the enterprise data ontology is critical for creation and operation of context-aware AI applications.

Reasoning ability of large language models (LLM) can be used to automate the complex business workflows.

Human-in-the-loop (HITL) combined with a feedback mechanism enables continuous improvement of the AI applications and delivers strong return on investment.

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Complex business workflows, especially in regulated industries, depend on highly paid experts for cognitive tasks like data extraction, transformation, and verification.

Our AI applications enable enterprises to achieve the last mile in AI quality.

Hercules, our proprietary operating and orchestration engine, 
leverages state-of-the-art architecture for creation of AI applications.

In the News

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August 11, 2022

PR: ZERO Systems To present at ILTACON ’22

ZERO Systems is proud to announce that they will be attending and presenting at this year's installment of ILTACON.
July 7, 2022

Why good lawyers leave—and how to keep them

Lawyers at every level find themselves working late into the evening not on interesting legal issues but on administrative tasks like filing emails and timekeeping. ZERO Systems builds automation tools that use sophisticated artificial intelligence to streamline and simplify administrative tasks like timekeeping and email filing.
June 23, 2022

PR: InOutsource and ZERO Partner to improve email governance and increase overall compliance

ZERO Systems provides a transformative and holistic approach to data labeling though intelligent data classification and edge computing.
June 15, 2022

5 problems law firms have with email filing compliance

ZERO Athena uses artificial intelligence to discern from contextual cues where an email and its attachments should be filed—and then handles the filing for you. With ZERO Athena, your emails and attachments are always accessible and organized in your DMS, without adding hours to your workday or cutting into your personal time.
June 2, 2022

PR: ZERO Systems welcomes Denton’s as a client

ZERO is pleased to welcome Dentons, the largest law firm in the world, to the family of ZERO's clients! We have partnered together to leverage ZERO’s advanced automation to help their lawyers be more efficient.
May 28, 2022

Five benefits of “invisible” technology that slots into your existing technology ecosystem

ZERO Apollo isn’t a timekeeping solution itself, but it works with legacy timekeeping systems like iTimekeep and Intapp Time to invisibly add a layer of AI. While lawyers and legal professionals go through their normal workday, Apollo runs in the background, predicting the client and matter for each new task and type of work while automatically tracking time and creating billing narratives for review and approval.


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