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InOutsource and ZERO Partner to Improve Email Governance and Increase Overall Compliance

ZERO Systems provides a transformative and holistic approach to data labeling though intelligent data classification and edge computing.

CAMPBELL, Calif., June 23, 2022 — Lawyers are drowning in unfiled and unmanaged emails siloed in their inboxes. Ideally, law firms would maintain accurate and complete client files by promptly filing each email and document into a client/matter workspace within a governed repository such as a document management system. But how should law firms manage this high-value, low-interest administrative task without costing the lawyer billable hours?

InOutsource sought a better answer to this question, and their quest led them to ZERO Systems’ intelligent email and document filing solution, Athena. InOutsource and ZERO are pleased to announce their partnership to address this critical information governance problem.

How InOutsource Advises Clients to Manage Emails

InOutsource offers unmatched expertise in information governance for law firms. InOutsource specializes in helping its clients meet stringent compliance requirements, enhance internal productivity, and improve profitability through policy creation, process refinement, and technology implementation.

InOutsource has seen up close the challenge email poses for law firms. Leaving email in unstructured individual inboxes impedes collaborative client service, as most of the team may be in the dark about the latest client communications. This disconnect leads to redundant communications and uncoordinated responses—not what a top-tier law firm wants its clients to experience. InOutsource advises its law firm customers to avoid these problems by filing their emails within their central client information system, typically their document management system. But firms still needed a streamlined, simplified method to implement that advice.

ZERO Athena: An Intelligent Solution for Email and Document Filing

ZERO is a leader in productivity automation solutions for law firms of all sizes, including many global and Am Law 100 firms. ZERO engineers its products to help law firms achieve operational excellence with AI-powered automation and streamline business processes like email filing, document governance, and timekeeping.

ZERO Athena increases overall compliance, improves email and document filing velocity, and makes it easy to retrieve important client information as soon as it is requested. With ZERO Athena, lawyers can file emails and documents leveraging AI, lessen administrative drag, and free up time for high-value client service work.

“Law firms face a never-ending deluge of emails and documents that they have to manage effectively to meet their information governance and compliance requirements,” said Nancy Beauchemin, President, and Founder, InOutsource. “We’re delighted to partner with ZERO, whose email governance solution offers a compelling alternative for firms that want to free their lawyers from the drudgery of manual email classification.”

“Compliance has always been one of the most time-consuming activities for legal professionals. Filing emails and documents is not something lawyers want to spend hours on each week,” said Alex Babin, CEO of ZERO. “We are thrilled to partner with InOutsource to make filing easier, quicker, and more intuitive for lawyers while addressing information governance issues and protecting the firm’s reputation.”

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At ZERO, we specialize in cognitive automation technology that helps professional services firms achieve operational excellence. Our products act as an intelligent layer to existing systems, automating, and streamlining business processes such as time management, document management, and data extraction and transformation. With Am Law 100 and Fortune 500 global clients and are dedicated to helping knowledge workers increase productivity, generate more revenue, and focus on the work that truly matters – assisting their clients.