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ZERO Systems Introduces ZERO Lite to Help Law Firms Streamline Mobile Email Management

ZERO Lite’s cutting-edge AI saves time and generates value by helping lawyers organize emails, capture mobile-related time spent on client interactions, and prevent loss of sensitive data.

LOS GATOS, Calif., Jan. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ZERO Systems, provider of the industry’s most innovative email management solution, today announced the launch of its latest product, ZERO Lite, which provides key functionality from ZERO’s flagship mobile product in a package designed for smaller and mid-market law firms and firms of any size that don’t currently use NetDocuments or iManage.

Using cutting-edge AI powered by edge computing, ZERO Lite helps users organize their emails by folder, captures time that users spend interacting with client-related emails from mobile devices, and automatically detects potential wrong recipients before an email goes out. Like the ZERO for mobile product designed for larger firms, ZERO Lite incorporates smart filters that allow users to organize emails by the parameters that matter most to them, such as sender and importance.

“Today’s lawyers are inundated with emails, and email clients built for consumers or generic businesses inhibit their ability to work productively and focus on high value work. At the same time, they are forced to manually remember the time spent on mobile-related email, which is time-consuming and often results in inaccurate billing,” said Alex Babin, ZERO co-founder and CEO. “For several years, ZERO has been deploying advanced technology to automate and streamline time-consuming administrative tasks to help lawyers at large and midmarket firms become more productive, profitable, compliant, and secure. With the introduction of ZERO Lite, smaller firms and firms without a compatible document management system now have access to these same benefits.”

ZERO Lite solves three key problems that lawyers face every day:

  • Email management. With ZERO Lite, emails are predictively filed into corresponding Outlook folders, without the time-consuming, error-prone inconvenience of drag-and-drop filing. Emails can be prioritized by importance or sender, helping users differentiate between emails they need to answer now, emails they can answer later and spam.
  • Mobile time-capture. ZERO Lite automatically captures the time users spend interacting with client-related emails on a mobile device, creating draft time entry narratives tied to emails and specific activities.
  • Sensitive data loss. ZERO Lite prevents users from sending emails containing sensitive information to potential wrong recipients by warning them in real time before it happens. ZERO Lite’s AI also works directly on the user’s device with no third-party cloud processing, an architecture called “edge computing” that reduces exposure to data breaches.

Like ZERO, ZERO Lite helps law firms make more money by capturing time that users spend emailing from mobile devices, as well as allowing them to gain more time for billable work during the day by automating low-value tasks. It helps law firms be more compliant by helping users store their emails in the right location, and it is extremely secure, always keeping user data private by never sending it outside of the device for processing.

“Email management and the difficulty with capturing time spent interacting with client emails on mobile devices represent productivity and revenue leakage for our firm, which we hope to recapture,” said Patrick Fitzgerald, Partner at Cox & Palmer — Halifax. “We were looking for a solution that could help our lawyers better manage their inboxes and improve email compliance by simplifying the process of filing emails into our document management system. ZERO’s ability to streamline and automate email management workflows and accurately move emails to their correct location while also allowing lawyers to capture more billable time are wholly unique in the market.”

About ZERO Systems

ZERO is a leader in AI-powered productivity automation with products engineered to help professional services firms achieve operational excellence. ZERO’s technology acts as an intelligent layer to existing systems, automating and streamlining processes such as time management, document management, and data loss prevention. With many Am Law 100 and global clients, ZERO is enabling knowledge workers to be more productive, generate more revenue, and focus on the work that really matters – helping their clients.

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