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Feb 2020

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Legalweek 2020

Ryan Steadman, ZERØ’s CRO, will be speaking at a Legalweek workshop:

AI Bootcamp 2.0: Demystifying Myths Surrounding The Independence of AI

As we continue to ride the AI wave, we consistently hear talk about the automation of jobs and administrative tasks made increasingly simple with very little human involvement. However, is this really the truth and how much manual labor is really required to keep AI working seamlessly? While we may not be able to see the humans behind AI technology they do possess a very important role in curating the data, which is so critical to the functioning of the algorithms.

Key takeaways:

  • Exploring the balance between manual labor and AI’s own intelligent abilities to help truly understand how is AI coming to life. It’s widely perceived that computers do it on their own once they are fed data. However, how is AI trained and how much manual supervision is actually required?
  • Considering whether AI will eventually truly independent and how the relationship between humans and AI will evolve over time.

The team will subsequently be available for meetings during the duration of the conference.

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