Feb 2020

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Live Webinar: Life Hacks for Law Firms: Help Your Lawyers Work Less and Bill More

Did you know that, on average, according to a University of California Irvine study, it takes 23 minutes to regain focus after your concentration has been broken?

For law firms, these 23 minutes per timekeeper, per distraction can amount to hundreds of dollars of lost revenue per week.

Meet ZERØ: email management software that has been designed specifically to help lawyers work less and bill more. Using ZERØ, lawyers can implement life hacks to get time back in their days to focus on higher-value tasks and minimize revenue leakage. In this webinar, ZERØ will demonstrate how its software:

• Accurately and predictively files emails into NetDocuments and iManage from mobile and desktop;
• Automatically captures billable time that lawyers spend interacting with client-related emails on mobile devices, while drafting detailed time entry narratives;
• Prevents reputational risk to your firm by warning lawyers in real-time if they are potentially sending an email to a wrong recipient; and
• Provides dedicated filters that help lawyers sort their inboxes by the information that matters to them, such as by sender, by importance or by filing status.

And with an edge computing architecture, ZERØ is also extremely secure. No data is ever processed off the device, and ZERØ functions entirely within your law firm’s security perimeter.

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