Nov 2019

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Live Webinar: Meet ZERØ: The Email Management Solution That Will Help You Fall in Love with Your Inbox Again

Let’s go back in time to when you were in law school. When you thought about your life as a future lawyer, what did you imagine?

Whatever it was, one scenario that we’re pretty sure you didn’t dream about was spending hours every week filing emails into your document management system or recording billable time into your time entry system — and sadly, like death and taxes, these are events that are unavoidable. Even worse than the sheer thrill of these administrative tasks, you can’t even bill your clients for the time you spend doing them.

Meet ZERØ – an AI-powered email management solution that will automate these tasks for you — and help you spend more time living and practicing law. (We haven’t quite figured out how to avoid death and taxes — yet.) Our capabilities include:

  • Accurately and predictively filing emails into NetDocuments or iManage, using ZERØ for Mobile or Desktop Companion for Outlook;
  • Capturing billable time spent emailing from mobile devices while drafting detailed time entry narratives;
  • Preventing reputational risk to your firm by warning lawyers in real-time from sending emails to a potential wrong recipient;
  • Providing user-friendly filters that allow lawyers to prioritize the information that matters the most to them.

Please join Ryan Steadman, Chief Revenue Officer at ZERØ, to learn how ZERØ can help you save valuable time and bill more hours.

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