Apr 2019



Apr 2019

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ZERØ’s 7-Minute ROI: AI-Powered Mobile Time Capture and Email Management

Firms using a mobile time entry system can capture most things, except mobile email activity — the very thing attorneys do most on mobile devices. This means for every billable interaction with email on a mobile device, some — if not all — of that revenue is lost. Until now.

ZERØ’s artificial intelligence technology passively captures, in real time, billable interaction with client email – and creates AI-driven time entry narratives for any leading time entry system. This is how ZERØ directly boosts attorney billable hours like no other technology on the market can.

Taking the industry average billable rate, then, ZERØ earns its ROI in capturing just seven new minutes of billable time — about the time it takes to read a client email or attachment.

In this webinar, our CRO, Ryan Steadman, described how we apply artificial intelligence to email management and time capture.

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