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ZERO’s Solutions Drive Productivity, Transform Organizational Effectiveness and Optimize Revenue Potential.

Through cutting-edge AI-powered technology, powered by LLM, ZERO helps enterprise companies and knowledge workers across industries achieve more positive business outcomes. Whether in legal, accounting, or consulting, ZERO’s solutions help organizations solve the same fundamental problem of needing the appropriate technologies and providing each knowledge worker with AI-powered co-pilot.

SAM Athena: AI-powered Compliance Automation

Stay organized and compliant with advanced AI to sort and save emails and documents on desktop and mobile – all within your firm’s security perimeter.

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SAM Apollo: AI-powered Timekeeping Automation

Get more from your existing timekeeping tools with an intelligent SAM that tracks activity in real-time and associates it with the right client and project.

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SAM Artemis: Intelligent Entity Extraction

SAM Artemis is designed to help with Document Processing and Entity Extraction for 100X productivity and incremental automation for Invoice processing, PE notices processing, Accounting and Audit.

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