Spiegel Sohmer Enters into Preliminary Agreement with ZERØ; Expects AI-Powered Email Management Software to Help Lawyers Increase Efficiency and Spend Less Time on Administration

Spiegel Sohmer is a Montreal-based law firm with approximately 50 attorneys. The firm has decided to enter into a preliminary agreement with ZERØ to purchase its mobile and desktop solutions to streamline email filing workflows for lawyers and allow them to capture time they spend on interacting with client email from mobile devices, whether they are in the office, in transit, or simply at home.

As the legal landscape becomes increasingly competitive, many law firms are struggling to stay ahead. Spiegel Sohmer believes that to come out on top, it must invest in software that can enable lawyers to be more efficient, so they can spend less time on mundane administrative tasks and more time on helping their clients achieve their business goals.

“Innovation is a core value of ours, and technology is the basis of innovation,” Neil Oberman, a litigation shareholder at Spiegel Sohmer, said. “Because of this, we are always on the hunt for technology solutions that can enhance our attorneys’ capabilities and help them be more efficient and effective in their roles.”

Filing emails to iManage and capturing time spent interacting with client email on mobile devices were two of those tasks identified by the firm’s leadership as taking up a lot of attorney time with little reward.

“The inability to file emails or capture time on the road resulted in a lot of wasted time on the part of our attorneys, who were then forced to remember to file these communications and bill for them once they were in the office,” Oberman said.

ZERØ’s technology solves both of these problems with its mobile email client, which captures the time that users spend interacting with client-related emails and provides hyper-accurate predictions based on users’ previous filing behavior. With ZERØ, users can file an email to iManage or NetDocuments with a single swipe or tap of a button and ensure that the time they spend reading and responding to these communications can be billed for. In addition to capturing time, ZERØ also generates a detailed draft narrative that can be uploaded directly to the firm’s time entry system. Lawyers can even use ZERØ’s Desktop Companion to set their emails to “autofile,” which means that, as long as this setting is enabled, every email with an available prediction will be filed to the appropriate destination without any action required from the user.

“ZERØ’s capabilities both on mobile and desktop are entirely unique in the market,” Oberman concludes. “With ZERØ, attorneys will be more efficient and responsive to administrative work, and this work will no longer detract from billable activity.”






  • Chris Ford is ZERO's Chief Marketing Officer. With years of marketing leadership experience in the legal industry around the world, he leads all marketing efforts for ZERO.