Cybersecurity for Lawyers: Your Ethical Obligations

The world is changing rapidly. As trusted advisors to businesses, it is incumbent upon us as lawyers to understand technology. This means that we need to be informed about cybersecurity and how to protect our communications with our clients. In May of 2017, the ABA released Formal Opinion 477R, which addresses the subject of a


What Lawyers Need to Know About Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a hot topic in the legal field. Plenty of articles encourage lawyers to adopt a Design Thinking approach, while law schools like Stanford and Suffolk University actively encourage their pupils to practice this methodology. But what is Design Thinking? According to Blake Reary, the Director of Design at Ironclad (a contract workflow

Defining ‘Future Law:’ The Evolution of Today’s Law Firm Models

The legal profession around the world is undergoing a significant transformation. Many would argue that the changes coming to the industry from COVID-19 will be greater than those that emerged in the wake of the financial crisis of 2007. Much scholarship has been written about the transformation of the legal profession, and this contribution builds

The Lives of Lawyers: A Corporate Lawyer’s Guide on What to Do When Your Deal Flow Becomes a Trickle

Slow periods cause anxiety for everyone, and lawyers are not immune. Alarm bells start ringing when we’re not busy (or billing all that much) for a prolonged period. As insecurity, fear, and doubt take hold, we wonder whether we are doing enough, whether there is more that we could be doing, whether we’ve done something

A Lawyer’s Guide to Email and Document Management

Please note that the following is not intended to serve as legal advice. If something is never documented, it’s as if it never happened (legally, at least). Documentation is especially important for attorneys, where hearsay is usually inadmissible, and evidence of a smoking gun can result in a successful outcome for a client. Retention of

The Lives of Lawyers: Which Law Firm Should You Work At?: Evaluating Options During a Pandemic (Or at Any Other Time)

Uncertainty is the worst. A year ago, none of us had any clue that a global pandemic would tear up the world, causing most of us lawyers to settle in to an even-more sedentary lifestyle. Also a year ago, I began a judicial clerkship with a district court judge. At that point, May 2020 seemed


The Law Firm Efficiency Rating

The spread of COVID-19 has led to worldwide social distancing rules, while stopping the sports world in its tracks. Fortunately for basketball fans, the release of the highly-anticipated Michael Jordan documentary The Last Dance on April 20 provides them with some form of entertainment. This 10-part series chronicles the untold story of the’90s Chicago Bulls

The Lives of Lawyers: How AI-Powered Technologies Are Assisting Lawyers

We live in an extraordinary age where automation is streamlining almost every industry, including the practice of law. Law is an industry that has been almost entirely conducted on paper for the majority of its existence and has also been extremely slow to adapt to changing tides technologically. Despite these tendencies, new technology has managed

The Lives of Lawyers: Using Digital Return on Investment to Calculate Your Technology’s Effectiveness

Return on Investment, usually abbreviated as ROI, is a metric used to evaluate the forecasted profitability on a given investment. In other words, ROI measures the gains or losses on an investment relative to the amount of money invested. Before any serious investment opportunity is even considered, ROI is usually a starting point. At its

The Lives of Lawyers: Rethinking What Is “Essential” for Lawyers in the Age of Coronavirus

Crises have a way of exposing our deepest vulnerabilities. Without the need to commute or the ability to interact with others in-person, we have more time to think, but also little time to waste amid sentiment, worry, and concern. It’s difficult to avoid becoming introspective when spending so much time in one place, especially in