What Lawyers Need to Know About Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a hot topic in the legal field. Plenty of articles encourage lawyers to adopt a Design Thinking approach, while law schools like Stanford and Suffolk University actively encourage their pupils to practice this methodology. But what is Design Thinking? According to Blake Reary, the Director of Design at Ironclad (a contract workflow

ILTA Tech Solutions White Paper: A Salute to Knowledge Management and Innovation Lawyers, the Unsung Heroes and New Blood of the Most Dynamic Law Firms

Innovation and Knowledge Management Lawyers are not such a new phenomenon, but now that the role has matured, their influence on firm culture and profitability is becoming truly significant—and tech vendors should take note. Click here to read the full article in ILTA’s May 2020 Tech Solutions White Paper.

The Potential of Passive Time Capture: Let’s Look at the Future, Not the Past

I’ve just caught up with Gaby Isturiz’s post on passive time capture, which she wrote in response to Sean Laroque-Doherty’s November ABA Journal article on automated timekeeping programs. I’ve been in the business of timekeeping software for 27 years now, so I read both with a great deal of interest. And I have to say