Cybersecurity for Lawyers: Your Ethical Obligations

The world is changing rapidly. As trusted advisors to businesses, it is incumbent upon us as lawyers to understand technology. This means that we need to be informed about cybersecurity and how to protect our communications with our clients. In May of 2017, the ABA released Formal Opinion 477R, which addresses the subject of a

The Lives of Lawyers: Which Law Firm Should You Work At?: Evaluating Options During a Pandemic (Or at Any Other Time)

Uncertainty is the worst. A year ago, none of us had any clue that a global pandemic would tear up the world, causing most of us lawyers to settle in to an even-more sedentary lifestyle. Also a year ago, I began a judicial clerkship with a district court judge. At that point, May 2020 seemed

The Lives of Lawyers: How AI-Powered Technologies Are Assisting Lawyers

We live in an extraordinary age where automation is streamlining almost every industry, including the practice of law. Law is an industry that has been almost entirely conducted on paper for the majority of its existence and has also been extremely slow to adapt to changing tides technologically. Despite these tendencies, new technology has managed

The Lives of Lawyers: Using Digital Return on Investment to Calculate Your Technology’s Effectiveness

Return on Investment, usually abbreviated as ROI, is a metric used to evaluate the forecasted profitability on a given investment. In other words, ROI measures the gains or losses on an investment relative to the amount of money invested. Before any serious investment opportunity is even considered, ROI is usually a starting point. At its

The Lives of Lawyers: How Technology Can Help Lawyers Collaborate When Working from Home

None of us expected when this year began that by the end of March, we would be asked or required to avoid going to the movies, restaurants, or even to the office, all of which would dramatically change our standard ways of working, our standard workflows and processes and our own outlook on the world

The Lives of Lawyers: How to Find the Right Job Out of Law School

Getting a job out of law school can be a daunting task. There are so many factors at play such as grades and class ranking, interview skills, interviewer’s personality, and plain old luck. For many students, the natural next step is to turn to career placement at their respective law schools. In their marketing materials,

The Lives of Lawyers: Actionable Tips for Lawyers to Boost Client Satisfaction

Lawyers are trained to provide the best work product—but is that really what’s most important to clients? In our drive to turn around high-quality substance in short time frames, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that law is a service industry—meaning that the objective quality of our work product might not be what’s

The Lives of Lawyers: The Impact of Lawyer Burnout on Law Firms

At a time when many law firms globally are focusing on how to compete in an increasingly competitive legal services landscape, many of them are ignoring their most important resource: their own lawyers. Increasingly, many in our profession have acknowledged that the state of mental health is reaching crisis levels. Brant Bishop, a former Managing

The Lives of Lawyers: Five Realities of Practicing at a Law Firm That No One Learns in Law School

Law school can be quite an adjustment for students coming directly from an undergraduate degree. From the Socratic method of learning to the adjustments needed to write as a lawyer, there are many new skills that budding attorneys must quickly master. One could think that because law school is so dense with information, it must

The Lives of Lawyers: How Lawyers Can Untie Their Self-Worth from the Billable Hour

In May of 2019, I began a year-long federal clerkship after two years of working as a litigation associate at a large global law firm—meaning that my life switched from being divided into six-minute increments into not being divided at all. One of the most profound (and unexpected) changes I experienced was the removal of