Introducing the Future of Email Management and Mobile Email Time Capture

ZERØ is an email application that uses artificial intelligence to address some of the most common—and costly—administrative tasks of the lawyer. Whether it’s on a mobile device, desktop, or both, ZERØ makes the practice of law more efficient, more profitable, more organized, and more—well, about law. Download our Product Deck to learn more about how

The Value of True Mobility: Why Firms Should Go Beyond Remote Working to Embrace Mobile Strategies

When COVID-19 arrived, law firms did one of two things. Either they were caught off guard and scrambled to put remote working provisions in place, or they made small adjustments because they were already there. So the first impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on law firms was on the way it exposed the firms that

ZERØ and Fireman & Company Announce Partnership to Offer AI-Powered Email Business Process Modernization Solutions to Large Law Firms

ZERØ, provider of the legal industry’s most innovative email management technology, and Fireman & Company, the leading management consulting firm for law firms and corporate legal departments, today announced a strategic partnership to deliver AI-powered productivity, compliance, and profitability solutions to large law firms. This strategic partnership will provide law firms with a blend of


How Technology Can Minimize Revenue Leakage During a Crisis

This article was co-authored by Lourdes Slater, Founder and CEO of Karta Legal LLC, and Ryan Steadman, Chief Revenue Officer of ZERØ. For the first time since 2008, the legal industry is in the midst of a recession. The legal services sector lost 64,000 jobs in April, according to seasonally adjusted numbers by the U.S.

The Lives of Lawyers: How AI-Powered Technologies Are Assisting Lawyers

We live in an extraordinary age where automation is streamlining almost every industry, including the practice of law. Law is an industry that has been almost entirely conducted on paper for the majority of its existence and has also been extremely slow to adapt to changing tides technologically. Despite these tendencies, new technology has managed

Cole, Scott & Kissane Selects ZERØ for Mobile to Streamline Workflows and Improve Time Entry Velocity

ZERØ is pleased to announce that Cole, Scott & Kissane has selected ZERØ for Mobile to streamline administrative workflows for its lawyers, thereby improving productivity and increasing profitability. ZERØ helps lawyers save time and generate more revenue with its AI-powered mobile email client and desktop companion. ZERØ’s capabilities include automatically analyzing, prioritizing, and filing large

Spiegel Sohmer Enters into Preliminary Agreement with ZERØ; Expects AI-Powered Email Management Software to Help Lawyers Increase Efficiency and Spend Less Time on Administration

Spiegel Sohmer is a Montreal-based law firm with approximately 50 attorneys. The firm has decided to enter into a preliminary agreement with ZERØ to purchase its mobile and desktop solutions to streamline email filing workflows for lawyers and allow them to capture time they spend on interacting with client email from mobile devices, whether they

Legal IT Deals: Double win for ZERØ

In a double win for ZERØ, Florida’s largest law firm Cole, Scott & Kissane has signed up for its email management and time capture tool as has Montreal law firm Spiegel Sohmer. Based in Quebec, Spiegel Sohmer has around 55 lawyers and is best known for tax and corporate litigation. IT and innovation partner Neil Oberman, who is a

Case Study: How Winthrop & Weinstine Added 50 Hours per Lawyer Annually with ZERO

In the “do more with less” era, law firms increasingly need to focus on profitability and productivity; these two issues go hand in hand. Download our business case to read how ZERØ helps lawyers waste less time on tedious administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on higher-value work.

Meet ZERØ: The Only Revenue-Generating Software That Law Firms Can Use Now and Pay for Later

It’s a familiar story: Law firm meets technology solution. Law firm evaluates technology solution. Law firm decides to buy technology solution, often after a long and painful assessment period involving many stakeholders. But even after this extended buying process, solution is never fully implemented, yet law firm is stuck paying the bill. Solution becomes shelf-ware