What Lawyers Should Know About Document Automation

You may have heard of document automation, which is on the rise in the legal field—but what is it, and why does it matter? Document automation, also known as document assembly, is the automation of the process of document creation. For example, if you are a lawyer that often creates intake documents, Service Agreements, or

How Lawyers Can Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs with Legal Project Management

Every legal matter, regardless of topic or practice, can be considered a project. As such, project management is critical to complete a matter successfully and within a timely fashion. And as this industry becomes increasingly competitive, lawyers often need to perform the role of a project manager. So, what should lawyers know about project management?

The Lives of Lawyers: The Top Four Things Every Law Student Should Learn

For many attorneys practicing at a law firm can be boiled down to some fundamental tasks: drafting documents, doing some form of legal research, business development, or administration. That’s all well and good, but where does a young attorney hone these skills? One would think that the answer to that is obvious: in law school.

The Lives of Lawyers: A Corporate Lawyer’s Guide on What to Do When Your Deal Flow Becomes a Trickle

Slow periods cause anxiety for everyone, and lawyers are not immune. Alarm bells start ringing when we’re not busy (or billing all that much) for a prolonged period. As insecurity, fear, and doubt take hold, we wonder whether we are doing enough, whether there is more that we could be doing, whether we’ve done something

The Lives of Lawyers: Rethinking What Is “Essential” for Lawyers in the Age of Coronavirus

Crises have a way of exposing our deepest vulnerabilities. Without the need to commute or the ability to interact with others in-person, we have more time to think, but also little time to waste amid sentiment, worry, and concern. It’s difficult to avoid becoming introspective when spending so much time in one place, especially in

The Lives of Lawyers: A Life of Six-Minute Increments: Using Technology to Rediscover Why We Went to Law School

“Law school,” two words that us lawyers probably idealized at some point, tend to depreciate in importance as we graduate. The reason for this is primarily that reality often doesn’t match the dream, and actually practicing law is a far cry from what we think it will be when we sit in our first class.

The Lives of Lawyers: How Lawyers Can Stay Healthy When Working from Home

As the novel coronavirus continues to tear through the world, professionals are being encouraged, and in some areas, mandated to work from home, to reduce the risk of infection and the mounting burden on our healthcare system. Overnight, what was once viewed as a work-life balance perk at law firms has become our new reality

The Lives of Lawyers: More Than Meditation: How Even the Most Type A Lawyers Can Practice Mindfulness

For the past several years, the wellness industry has inundated me with the word “mindfulness”—something “good” that I “should” practice. But for many lawyers, the idea of turning off from the outside world and being entirely focused on one thing seems like a pipe dream. They balk at the suggestion, claiming to be “too Type

Busy, Slammed, Underwater, or Drowning?: Conversations in a Big Law Elevator

As a former Big Law litigator and current law clerk, I often need to make choices between two options that are both necessary: “Sleep or exercise?.” “Meditate or call my mom?” At the beginning, decision fatigue often won—meaning that, more often than not, I chose neither option. This eventually transformed into an endless loop about