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SAM Apollo

Recover more revenue with intelligent SAM Apollo to automate timekeeping of your existing time entry system.

Stop wasting time tracking time

Timekeepers spend over 100 hours a year on manual timekeeping. SAM Apollo adds an intelligent layer on top of existing time-tracking tools to automatically capture and categorize every moment of billable time. As a result, timekeepers have a better work/life balance and more job satisfaction, all while driving more revenue for the business.

Benefits of ZERO

More billable time

  • Real-time reporting with improved accuracy
  • Automatic logs of actual time spent
  • Passive time capture for billable micro-engagements that would traditionally be forgotten or ignored
  • No need to replace your existing time and billing system

Superior billing compliance

  • Accurate, detailed records to help manage outside counsel guidelines (OCG)
  • Precise activity tracking and categorization via predictive AI
  • Improved clarity on actual time spent for more accurate budgeting and smoother billing

Improved work/life balance

  • Automated time tracking that cuts down on the manual hours needed to produce accurate records
  • No more evenings and weekends spent entering, updating, and reviewing manual time logs
  • On-the-go tracking from mobile devices


Stop Losing Revenue to Untracked Time


Percentage of lawyers frustrated with time keeping


Hours lost per year on manual timekeeping for a 1,000 lawyer firm

200 Hours

Up to 200 hours of extra billable time per year for every timekeeper

Get the benefits of AI-powered Timekeeping Automation

SAM Apollo adds a layer of powerful AI over the top of your existing time entry software, so you can enjoy the benefits of automation without the pain of rip-and-replace or training on new tools.


  • Seamless experience of timekeeping on the phone, tablet, and computer
  • Assistive activity reconstruction and time entry with AI-generated billing narratives
  • Keeps lawyers in control of their time spent on emails, attachments, meetings, and documents
  • Associates captured time to the appropriate client and matter for easier, more timely time entries
  • Tailor-made for all timekeeper flows: contemporaneous, reconstructive, and in between

Apollo seamlessly integrates with iTimekeep, without any extra effort required on the lawyers’ part. This reduced timekeeping friction means that previously uncaptured time is much more likely to be billed.

Ed Aguero

Chief Financial Officer,
Cole, Scott & Kissane

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