Zero Cognitive Solutions Infographic Intelligent Email Documentat Management


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Improve accuracy and productivity while giving knowledge workers more hours for meaningful work.

The cost of non-compliance & inefficiency is just too high

Every day we create and share hundreds of billions of emails and documents. Most knowledge workers are simply too busy to keep on top of their filing. But when emails or documents fall through the cracks, that leaves you open to compliance challenges, lost revenue, and reputational damage. Moreover, if emails are not classified properly it is easy to send confidential information to a wrong recipient — exposing your firm to even greater risk.

ZERO’s data management module can help.

Benefits of ZERO

Zero Cognitive Solutions Infographic Intelligent Email Documentat Management

Better-than-human accuracy

  • Hyper-accurate predictive filing for easier email and document discovery
  • Intelligent identification of client, matter, author, and document types for every email
  • Device-based security parameters, so no data is stored or processed in the cloud
  • Ability to file and archive emails and documents into different destinations simultaneously

Improved productivity & security

  • Powerful AI that efficiently replaces manual and time-consuming filing tasks
  • On-the-go filing from mobile devices and one-click batch filing of multiple emails
  • Advanced admin configuration for ease of deployment and management
  • Intelligent move-to-folder assistance for Outlook, providing users with the most advanced predictions right out of the box
  • Wrong recipient detection that removes risk of sending emails to the wrong person

Frictionless adoption

  • Easy-to-integrate solution that requires no training
  • Automation layer that sits on top of your existing best-of-breed solutions — no rip-and-replace installation required
  • Seamless integrations with everyday desktop email systems like Outlook
  • Direct integrations with DMS leaders like iManage, NetDocuments, and OpenText

Spend less time on non-billable tasks


Percentage of legal professionals spending 5+ hours per week classifying and filing emails

26 hours

Billable time saved with intelligent filing per user, per year


Time-saving benefit of intelligent filing per lawyer annually

Find the right fit for your business

Our products can be implemented as a standalone solution or bundled for a global automation solution. Pick the package that’s right for you.

For Mobile

Get the benefits of on-the-go filing

  • Hyper-accurate predictive and batch filing to DMS and Outlook folders
  • Global filing indicator across the organization
  • Conversation autofiling
  • Batch file multiple emails with one click
  • File on-the-go from anywhere
  • Wrong recipient detection

For Desktop

Add email and document filing to the regular office workflow

  • Predictive and batch filing to DMS
  • Global filing indicator across the organization
  • Conversation autofiling
  • Auto-file all future emails

At Winthrop, we pride ourselves on disrupting convention and a culture of fresh thinking. We were impressed by ZERO’s innovative features, especially the ability to predictively file emails with a single click into iManage. The user-friendly interface and ease of adoption are attractive as well.

Craig Wilson

IT Director,
Winthrop & Weinstine

ZERO is the only software on the market that can hyper-accurately file emails into Client/Matter DMS workspaces and folders and automatically capture time interacting with client email on mobile devices. With ZERO, our lawyers can keep their focus on what they do best-practice law.

Matt McKinley

Chief Information Officer,
Holland & Knight LLP

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