ZERO Partners with LiveWire Technologies, Inc. to Drive Efficiency for Law Firms

CAMPBELL, CA, October 13, 2021

ZERO, Productivity Automation for Innovative Firms, today announced it has joined a partnership with LiveWire Technologies, Inc. to deliver automation solutions to benefit knowledge workers with email and DMS compliance, passive time and activity capture, email security, information prioritization, task management automation, and data categorization.

LiveWire’s global network of law firm partners will have the option to access ZERO’s automation solution to gain back time spent on non-billable, administrative tasks and add instant revenue.

“We are delighted to add value to our customers with a solution that shares our philosophy of immediate, positive impact,” said Angela Watson, President of LiveWire Technologies. “We deliver on improving processes and empowering lawyers with the best possible technology, and ZERO clearly fits the bill with their automation solution.”

“We continue to find ways to leverage automation technology to solve problems previously thought intractable, and business relationships with companies like LiveWire Technologies, to make knowledge workers more efficient and effective.” said Joey Perez, VP of Business Development & Partnerships at ZERO.

ZERO is a leader in the Productivity Automation category with products engineered to help professional services firms achieve operational excellence. ZERO’s applications enable professionals to be more productive and generate more revenue by automating and streamlining onerous administrative tasks such as email management and mobile time capture. Firms around the world rely on ZERO to minimize revenue leakage, increase email compliance, and improve the lives of their teams. Learn more at

LiveWire Technologies delivers technology solutions for law firms.  LiveWire Technologies provides hosting services within their private cloud, project management of the most advanced technology for each client’s practices, customized document management solutions, and consulting services to improve process efficiencies enabling lawyers to focus on practicing law. Learn more at

Press contact:

Chris Ford, CMO at ZERO


  • Chris Ford is ZERO's Chief Marketing Officer. With years of marketing leadership experience in the legal industry around the world, he leads all marketing efforts for ZERO.