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ZERO Systems Identified Among the Hottest Generative AI Startups by NFX

NFX, a leading venture firm, has named ZERO Systems among the hottest generative AI startups that are on a “highway to massive growth”

CAMPBELL, CALIF. , US, May 9, 2023/ — ZERO Systems, a generative AI company for enterprises, has been listed on NFX’s “AI Hot 75” list that is expected to produce the next generation of unicorns. The list was developed based on leading indicators that the AI company has broken into the right networks and has found a “white hot center” to fuel massive growth.

“ZERO Systems’ deep understanding of the enterprise space places it in a unique position to help enterprises and Fortune 500 companies safely integrate generative AI into their operations,” said James Currier, General Partner of NFX. “The ROI of generative AI for the enterprise is massive.”

ZERO Systems brings the power of large language models inside the security perimeter of enterprises. The company’s advanced multi-modal AI engine, Hercules, lets organizations augment their business processes, develop insights, and increase productivity of their knowledge workers without compromising the existing security standards.

Knowledge work is a people-dependent business requiring specialists that are expensive, difficult to scale, and subject to attrition. AI applications built using Hercules can augment and support knowledge workers in key functional areas such as legal, insurance, finance, accounting, consulting, and government. As a result, enterprises can increase revenue, improve profitability, and reduce attrition by enhancing worker satisfaction. ZERO Systems is currently in use by many Fortune 500 customers.

“We thank NFX for acknowledging our leadership in the industry,” said Alex Babin, Co-founder and CEO of ZERO Systems. “By bridging the gap between generative AI and enterprise within secure parameters, we have earned the trust of our clients who value data privacy. We are proud to be at the forefront of the generative AI revolution.”

Designed with ethics in mind, the Hercules AI engine operates strictly within the organization’s security perimeter and provides reliable output that is easily traceable back to the source of truth. ZERO Systems’ time-tested platform enables seamless integration of large language models within enterprises while minimizing the risks associated with generative AI.

ZERO Systems currently serves global Fortune 500 and American Law 100 clients and is backed by top VC firms, including Thomson Reuters. In 2022, Gartner recognized the company as a “Cool Vendor” in Data-Centric AI.

About ZERO Systems

At ZERO, we specialize in cognitive automation technology that helps professional services firms achieve operational excellence. Our products act as an intelligent layer to existing systems, automating, and streamlining business processes such as time management, document management, and data extraction and transformation. With Am Law 100 and Fortune 500 global clients and are dedicated to helping knowledge workers increase productivity, generate more revenue, and focus on the work that truly matters – assisting their clients.

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